Here’s how to promote bonding with your baby

What is bonding with your baby?

Once your baby is born, it has a lot of stimuli to process. From a safe and warm womb, the baby enters a world full of sounds and other stimuli. The security and safety of the belly is only there when parents are very close.

Why is adhesion so important?

As parents, you want to provide that security and safety to promote bonding. Children with secure attachment have more self-confidence, are more social and develop faster than children with poorer attachment. So when you are securely attached you go out into the world with a lot more confidence and your baby has a solid foundation.

How do you promote bonding with your newborn baby?

To that end, the maternity period is an important and exciting time for both you and your baby. The more you are with your baby the better you learn what he needs. Try to avoid as many stimuli as possible for you as parents and for the baby, and carry your baby with you a lot.

Because the baby recognizes the smell, heartbeat and voice, the baby feels safe. By pouching skin-to-skin and mimicking the womb, you strengthen baby’s bonding with you as a parent and vice versa.