Here’s how to reduce spitting up after feeding

What is spitting up in babies?

When your baby spits up, breast milk or formula comes up from the stomach, this is also called reflux. Many newborn babies suffer from reflux in the first few months. In most cases, this is very harmless and goes away on its own before the baby is 1 year old. You can reduce spitting up by carrying your baby upright or pouching in the Womboo® Pouch Shirt after feeding.

Why do babies spit up?

It can be difficult to see that your baby spits up often after feeding. Not only is it a sign of discomfort for your baby, but it can also lead to unnecessary frustration for you as a parent. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to reduce your baby’s spitting up.

One possible cause of your baby spitting up could be that he or she is ingesting too much food at one time. Therefore, try to spread your baby’s feeding over several small portions throughout the day. This can help reduce the strain on your baby’s stomach and reduce spitting up.

Another possible cause of your baby spitting up could be that he or she is drinking too fast. Therefore, try to reduce your baby’s feeding rate. You can do this by holding the bottle differently or by using a teat with a smaller hole. As a result, your baby will swallow less air and drink less quickly.

How can you reduce spitting?

It may well help to hold your baby upright for some time after feeding. This gives the food time to settle and reduces spitting up. Try to keep your baby upright for 20 to 30 minutes after feeding. This can also help reduce any cramps. Womboo’s Pouch Shirt is the best solution for this. After all, you can just sit comfortably on the couch without buttons or buckles in your back. Plus you can get your baby low stimulation within 30 sec. slip into the pouch. This provides no stress for the baby and for you.

If your baby continues to spit up, it may be wise to contact a doctor or nurse. They can help you identify the cause of the spitting up and work with you to develop a plan to reduce the spitting up.

Consult your doctor for more advice against reflux or check out