How does the Womboo pouch shirt work?

Use the Womboo Pouch Shirt safely by observing the following points

  • Ensure the baby has a free supply of oxygen at all times
  • Make sure at all times that the baby has enough support at the neck
  • At all times, make sure the baby is in the frog position
  • Check your baby regularly for temperature and ability to breathe freely

1. In the pouch

Lift the baby to breast height with the face always facing your chest. Support well with 2 hands.

With 1 hand, open the pouch and support your baby’s head.

Carefully lower your baby into the pouch.

2. Check proper posture

Pull the support flap up to halfway up the head. For extra strength, you can tighten the cord.

Always check that your baby is in the pouch ergonomically; your little one is properly seated when the knees are higher than the hips.(M/Frog position).

3. Out of the pouch

Loosen the cord again and fold the support flap back in.

Open the pouch with 1 hand if necessary.

Grab your baby with 2 hands under both arms and gently lift your baby out.

4. Breastfeeding

Get your baby out of the pouch

Pull the pouch down a bit and slide the feeding cap aside.

Put your baby on.