Privacy Statement

Effective November 1, 2018.

This page informs you about Womboo’s privacy policy.

Privacy statement and AVG

When you place an order on, you simultaneously give us permission to use your personal data. We use only the information necessary to deliver your order to you. In addition, we may approach you with fun promotions, offers and news about Womboo.

You have the right to inspect and correct your personal data at any time. After completing your payment, you will see a total overview of your order and your chosen method of payment. You can print it out and it will also be sent to the email address you provide. This summary also contains your order number, which is your reference in case of any questions and for using Track & Trace.

Womboo, of course, respects your privacy. Therefore, unless otherwise indicated, we are the only ones who can have access to the data you provide to us.

Your information will not be sold, shared or rented by us to third parties in any way other than as stated in this privacy statement. Information from which your identity as a visitor to can be derived is always voluntarily obtained by Womboo from its visitors. This information may be used within Womboo (and all its subsidiaries and brands) for the purpose of optimizing our website for your browsing convenience at In addition, this information can be used for analysis and providing information about Womboo’s product portfolio. The buyer expressly consents to this.

Womboo is entitled, in special cases, to disclose information about a visitor. There is then reason to believe that disclosure of that information is necessary. This may be to identify, contact or bring suit against anyone who, intentionally or unintentionally, harms or damages the rights to the property of Womboo, other users of our website or others who may be harmed thereby.

Womboo is entitled to release information about users when we believe the law requires it.

Personal data may be deleted at the request of our visitors, if this does not cause Womboo disproportionate effort or expense. We collect non-personal information about our online visitors to determine the total number of visitors to, as well as the type of Internet browser and operating system used by our visitors. Do you have a question regarding our online shop? Our customer service team is happy to help. To make a purchase on, you must be at least 18 years old.

Retention periods

Retain inactive accounts: 24 months
Keep orders pending: 10 days
Retain failed orders: 10 days
Keep canceled orders: 10 days
Retain completed orders: 7 years