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Just what every father needs


Really super! I use the shirt a lot when I have to work from home and thus want my hands free. Much easier than a sling and finer than our baby carrier.

Carola Dubois

Great invention!

What a great product. I would have loved to have had this with my first child. I have 2 more running around and this gives me so much freedom. Also, my little one is immediately calm in the shirt. Top purchase!


It is a top shirt

I work as a maternity nurse and when I talk about carrying a newborn baby safely and easily, this is always the first thing I say. Should I ever be pregnant myself I will buy one from you immediately!


Top invention

No more struggling with a carrier over your clothes. T-shirt on and your child in it! Super sturdy, comfi and good fitting shirt. Your child is so secure and snug that you have your hands free to enjoy a cup of coffee with your girlfriends while the little one sits against you.


I am very satisfied!

It is easy to put on and I can easily put my little man in it. Now I can have him snug against me all day long. I definitely recommend it! Also nice as a gift.


Delicious product

Used every day since it came in, our Bo loves being so close so easily.
Also contact with customer service is super, they are friendly and thoughtful.
Thanks, I’m going to advertise!


Super nice!

Dear makers of the Womboo, bought a Womboo for our 4th child, best purchase ever! So nice to have a day like today, when nothing else helps, to be able to comfort your baby this way and still have your hands free for the other 3 kids! Thank you!


First aid for reflux

I use the pouch shirt for my daughter who has severe reflux and so cannot lie flat. This pouch shirt goes on easily without awkward buttoning techniques. She sleeps wonderfully in it, easy your hands free and it looks nice too. Even my husband wears the shirt occasionally with our daughter in it!

Natacha Mareaux

Super quality

I am so happy with Womboo’s wear shirt! The quality is super and within seconds Acie Lou is in the frog position in the pouch. In the sling she doesn’t like it at all, too tight and too much fuss causing her to lose her patience, so Acie is also completely happy. Because of her reflux, she likes to sit upright and that way I can also just keep doing my thing.

Debby van Sluis

Invention of the century

The babywearing shirt.The invention of the century, if you ask me. Womboo has launched a babywearing shirt that every mommy (to be) wants! Complicated slings are history and for in and around the house this is an indispensable item. When I plop down on the couch with Loua, but still want my hands free, I put on this shirt. You happy, baby happy.


Delightful moments

I’m so glad I had a Womboo. So wonderful bubbling with the little one. Did I really like it so much! And so did he! Really had such great times with it!


Top product and service

Incredibly happy to have discovered Womboo! During our first pregnancy we did not know this concept but during our second pregnancy I knew for sure. I had to and would get my hands on such a shirt. After some fitting and measuring due to the remaining pregnancy kilos, we did find the right size and our daughter lies wonderfully in it. What fine service/help we received in finding the right size. Womboo really comes highly recommended!


Helps well with cramps

The little guy has quite a few stomach cramps. He also has a toddler who wants attention, not to mention the housework. When he has a moment that he really keeps crying it is really hard to do.
Then I came across Womboo. How he loves this. Nice and close to mom. And he feels right away how calm I become. Mommy happy, little man happy, our toddler happy. Win win win!



Super happy with the womboo shirt. Gave birth to a baby son last Sunday. Ordered shirt in size S. Does sit pretty tight but my belly isn’t completely gone yet either. The little one has been running with intestinal cramps violently all day and then I thought hey! I’m going to try that shirt. And since then he has been falling asleep from time to time. And is he really a lot calmer! Very happy with it. Thanks!

Laura Smits

Bundle of Happiness

What a lovely little bundle like this with me! It is comfortable and little man snores for hours in it. He is inconsolable at times, but once at Mommy’s in this shirt and everything is over! Recommend it to everyone!


Perfect for a premature

I received this shirt with my baby shower. Had never heard of or seen it myself. So didn’t really know what to expect from it.
We have a busy family of now 4 kids, so hands are short. Our little daughter is premature, and wants to be with mommy. This shirt is truly an invention and even easy to use with a little hummel in size 44.
Snuggling together all day, and mom still has her hands free for the other kids.

I can definitely recommend it to everyone!


Lovely hiking

Our little guy not yet a week old, was allowed to go outside for the first time today. Maternity care just left. Could I finally try on my Womboo shirt! He slid right in, sat firmly and walked easily, he slept on wonderfully. Less hassle than a sling. we look forward to all the walks to come.


So simple and so fine

Used my Womboo for the first time today, with my little son who is exactly 1 week old. He was born by C-section, but I couldn’t wait any longer to test the Womboo! What a nice and easy way to carry. And despite the shirt being a little tighter around your skin, it went on perfectly despite my C-section. Our baby was easily and quickly in the right position, and asleep within 5 minutes. So enjoying this! I am used to carrying from our 1st child with a baby carrier or ring sling. But this shirt you put on super quickly and easily, so find it really ideal for indoors. So nice to have your hands free, also because we already have a toddler running around. And perhaps also for outdoors, but haven’t tested this yet! But am really super happy with it already. Thank you!



I have been using the shirt extensively since the birth of my daughter. She feels very secure when I carry her with me. The shirt is easy to use. With me sling I often needed help with putting it on, now I can just do everything myself. Also, the shirt is easy to use with breastfeeding. My daughter was delivered by C-section, I was able to use the womboo from week two and was fine with my wound. For me, the womboo is truly a life saver and indispensable!

Marleen Roskams

Super gift

I gave the Wombooshirt as a gift to my son-in-law who just had their first child. He is super happy with this because this way he can also carry his little daughter close to him.
The shirt is made of super sturdy fabric so you shouldn’t fear tears….
Also ideal for cramps because the baby can stay upright.
Super satisfied!


What an invention!

Very happy with shirt. Also with my first fan of wearing, but with this shirt it will be very easy with the second now. First help for cramps! I hope our son will fit into it for a long time to come….


Super happy with it!

Top shirt! So easy to wear our little one in it; the solution to cramps, burping that bother or any other discomfort with your little one…. And he easily falls asleep in it….
I’ve had it for a week now and have used it every day!


What an invention

What a wonderful shirt this is! I hate tying a sling and when I was pointed to Womboo by my maternity nurse I was turned on. I have my hands free and my little guy is almost free of reflux and falls asleep almost immediately. Recommended for any father!

B. Crown

Womboo, lifesaver!

Our son is now 3 months old and the little guy loves it in his Womboo! Whether I go hiking, shopping or just want to do something around the house. It’s all possible and I also have my hands free!!! So gaming can also just be done 😉 Wonderful right!
This week he got his first shots. Surely he was a little impressed by that and a little weepy. Fortunately, there was the Womboo! Close to me, he fell deliciously asleep in no time.
The shirt is made of a very sturdy quality fabric. Which is also very nicely fitted. Surely that looks a little nicer than a knotted cloth….

Louise Kramer


How happy I am with the pouch shirt! It is so easy to use. If the little one has a cramp…put on T-shirt and baby in it and have a wonderful dance together to music. Having your hands free to do something around the house and still carrying your baby close by, how nice is that!

Sjoukje van Ewijk


What a nice shirt! With our twin males, you are short of hands and this way you have your hands just a little bit more free. Cuddling is also soothing for the males!!!


Definitely number one on the baby outfits list!

The Womboo is truly the solution for every parent with a baby! I purchased it when my daughter was 4 months, but I should have had this earlier!
She is instantly calm in the Womboo, sits up nice and upright (handy against spitting up) and naps guaranteed!
Also as a parent, this shirt is the invention! You put it on quickly and easily, can wash it easily and you can also sit with it easily (which is less comfortable with a sling or baby carrier anyway due to the straps running down your back).
I even got my boyfriend excited already so I hope to order the men’s version soon too 😉
Highly recommended for anyone with a baby (on the way)!



An incredibly nice alternative to baby carrier! The convenience of the T-shirt is ideal for a quick pop on and right out the door with the little one.
The little one loves it and falls asleep in no time.

Definitely highly recommended!

Henk van Os

Ideal to have your hands free

My wife and I both have one for our twins. More convenient than a double carrier and this way we can both cuddle.
The shirt is incredibly comfortable, I would so want another pair of them without the pouch. What is nice is that you really have your hands free very well and the baby is wonderfully safe and comfortable. That way I can just make music too!


Can't live without it anymore

Am really super happy with it. She seems to have some reflux issues and likes to sit upright and close to me because of this. Only downside is that the little one prefers to be in the shirt and I have to wear the same thing every day. With two other children, this is really ideal…. I found tying a sling too much hassle and a baby carrier you also have to put on and take off every time (and is not so comfortable when you are sitting comfortably on the couch).



What a wonderful invention this is! No more fussing with sling knots or having to be difficult. Our little man loves it in the shirt and immediately becomes calm in it. Also nice that now I just have my hands free for his sister.



Waaauuw! A great invention

As a mom of 2, I am obviously a busy bee and cannot sit still.
Littlest girl is from November 2020 and only wants mommy!
Now thanks to the womboo, I can be there for both ladies!

Delicious product and will recommend it to everyone!!!


Highly recommended!

Wow! I should have had this T-shirt with our first daughter. Ideal to put on. Easy to put our daughter in it. No tricky things to fasten. Our daughter is premature and even she lies firmly in the shirt. Am super satisfied! A big 10

Maurena van Rossenberg

Super invention!


How well you have thought of this.
I had put it on the maternity list but unfortunately didn’t get it. Then I thought I’d give it to myself as a gift after giving birth the fifth day or so I tried it on to see if I had bought the right size and yes I did it’s tight around my body. And today our little guy is 10 days old and is in it for the first time and it was super convenient no fussing with buttons and things like that that you have with a sling or bag. And said don’t see me wearing it but when the womboo shirt came along I was immediately excited you have your hands free so you can do all kinds of chores like just put pictures on the.laptop or watch TV series back. Really in 1 word a fantastic shirt I recommend it to anyone who wants to wear it.


Butterflies in my stomach

What a relief to have your hands free again to do something fun( like clay) with the oldest.
Our little one also immediately calmed down from the security the pouch provides.

” The first time I put on the shirt and had my little one in the pouch I felt butterflies in my stomach from happiness”

I had measured my measurements beforehand and chose the size based on that and the shirt fits perfectly and super comfortable.
I really recommend it.


Super convenient

Finally no hassle just buttons and straps to get your baby carrier on. Super convenient when you are alone and need to shift gears quickly because the eldest is also demanding attention.


Great success

Just wanted to let you know that the Womboo is a success here at home with our little girl 🤗 Due to intestinal cramps she just wants to lay on my chest, but now that the cramps are increasing even that is not always enough to comfort her. Now I then quickly put on the pouch shirt and (I think because of the pressure of it?) she is quiet in no time, really great! 😍



I received the Womboo gift-what a nice shirt! Our little mop cried a lot due to allergies, wearing it helped! How wonderful to be able to quickly put this shirt on and wear it immediately. The shirt fits nicely and provides adequate support for the little body. A wonderful secure feeling for both of us 🥰.
So just now I also gifted the Womboo again to my friend who may soon meet her little one….


Highly recommended

Our second daughter needs much more security and prefers to be with mommy all the time. Now she is 6 weeks and also has some reflux and cramps. Sometimes she would do nothing but cluster all night but this caused her to vomit even more. Now I can just put her in my pouch at difficult moments and she calms down almost immediately. I also use the shirt during the day when I want to cook or play with the big sister.

Suus van Vliet

Mega proud!

My little guy has loved your shirt for the first few months!

Mega proud! When I think back on it, tears spring to my eyes. Tommy was a real cry baby with a lot of sadness discomfort and pain. “Come to mama.” HUP so in the pouch and quiet he was!

For my next baby I will buy one again, and also one for my husband!❤️



I made my best friend super happy with it and can only recommend it to everyone😁


Very happy with it

In March gave birth to a beautiful baby boy who came by C-section. Because of the wound from the cut and the weight of my little son, carrying with a sling/carrier is not yet successful. Received the tip from my best friend that this pouch shirt might help and also received this shirt as a gift from my best friend. What a great outcome this pouch shirt is. I am really very happy with it!


Top shirt!

Just got the Womboo in but already don’t want to take it off! My little Lilly fell asleep right away! We are just going to order one for daddy too!!! Super fast shipping too! And also nicely packed…. super satisfied



Just a note to let you know that we are so extremely happy with your T-shirt. Got it from my best friend as a maternity gift and has been on almost nonstop from day 1. With a baby who suffers from Reflux really the best invention ever, he even sleeps in it.
And also ideal because it leaves my hands free for our oldest.

Am convinced that everyone needs a Womboo! 🤩


Enjoyment with the Womboo

Very nice shirt that your baby lies wonderfully in. She sleeps quickly when I put her in and have my own hands free to cook or play with the oldest. Top purchase!


Super convenient!

I have a little one who doesn’t like to be put down. Cramps, reflux but also need for closeness.
I was tipped to use a sling which indeed helped but I find it a huge hassle. The baby was also not a fan of my fumbling under the guidance of YouTube instructional videos and then set to screaming tremendously.
What a godsend this pouch shirt is. You have it on in no time, plop baby in it and done. I thought I had to position him properly but the legs are already doing this automatically. My little one is snoring delightfully within 3 minutes and I have my hands free!

Manon van Beek

Great thing!

What a top shirt. I already thought it would be 100x better than the hassle with a sling and youtube, and in practice it certainly turns out to be so. Our little 44cm girl does not yet fit in a regular baby carrier, but in the Womboo she fits just fine. Sometimes a large hydrophile under the buttocks so she lies just a little higher, but snoring she does within 3 minutes. We ordered one for dad right away too!



Our third child is now 2.5 weeks old. During maternity week, I bought the shirt. She likes to lay upright against me. Tying a sling never worked well for me and did not make me feel safe.
Really ideal this shirt, because now I can give affection to the baby and meanwhile do something with the other 2 children or housekeeping. Ordered another 2nd shirt after a few days, so there is always a spare ready to go. I really don’t want to be without this shirt and recommend it to everyone!


Good service

The Womboo is a very nice, sturdy product, good material. Not needed yet, not for 6mnd.
The order and delivery went very well.

Jeroen Homeijer

Truly something for fathers!

What an incredibly nice shirt this is! No hassle with buttons, click! The little guy loves to lie in it (and especially against me) ideal for at home but also for outside (especially if t weather is good) you do not constantly have to leave with the stroller.

Model and quality is good! Sits nice & stays nice.