The advantages of the Womboo® Pouch Shirt

Womboo’s pouch shirt makes the transition from a safe womb to a world of stimuli for your newborn baby easy. By pouching in the pouch shirt, you mimic the womb and create peace and comfort for you and your baby. The pouch shirt is available for men and women and has many advantages. Here are the main benefits in a nutshell.

1. Easy and quick to put on as a T-shirt. Comfortable for lying, sitting and lifting

The Womboo® Pouch Shirt puts on like a T-shirt, without complicated buttons or snap systems. This makes it easy to carry your baby within 30 seconds. This prevents restlessness and stress on you and your baby.

The pouch shirt is very comfortable because there are no buttons and snap systems in the way when you want to sit or lie down. An added benefit of this is that you have ideal weight distribution throughout your back and no pressure points on shoulders and hip.

Moreover, you can take a carefree and comfortable nap on the couch with your baby in the pouch. Mothers who have just had a cesarean section find the pouch shirt very comfortable because there are no straps to be fastened across the lower abdomen. In addition, Womboo’s pouch shirt is incredibly convenient for travel, because unlike another baby carrier, you can take it right through customs and it is just as comfortable as a regular T-shirt. Because you have no buttons or snap systems in your back, you are comfortable in your airplane seat.

2. Discreet and easy breastfeeding

Maternity wear is specially made for women to easily and discreetly breastfeed wherever you are. The pouch shirt allows you to breastfeed easily through the built-in feeding cap. That means you don’t have to take off the T-shirt to breastfeed. You can easily slide aside the T-shirt’s feeding top to put baby on.

3. Skin-to-skin pouching possible

With the women’s pouch shirt, it is possible to pouch your baby skin-to-skin, this is very important for newborn babies. This is a way to help the baby adjust to life outside the womb and can offer many benefits, including:

    1. Regulating baby’s body temperature: Skin-to-skin contact allows baby to better regulate his own temperature and is less likely to get cold.

    1. Strengthening attachment between parent and child: It provides a sense of closeness, security and trust between parent and child.

    1. Stimulate breastfeeding: Skin-to-skin contact can promote the release of oxytocin, which can stimulate milk production and the breastfeeding reflex.

    1. Reduce stress and pain: It can help reduce stress hormones in the baby, which can help reduce pain and discomfort.

    1. Improve sleep: Babies carried skin-to-skin often sleep better and longer.

For skin-to-skin pouching with the Womboo® Pouch Shirt Woman, lower your baby through the neckline under the pouch shirt, onto your bare skin.

4. Reduces spitting (reflux) and cramps

As a brand new parent, you naturally want the best for your baby, and one of the biggest challenges can be helping your baby reduce reflux (spitting up) and cramps. This is where Womboo’s pouch shirt can help. After the feeding time, you can slide your little one directly into the pouch. Wearing your baby in the pouch shirt helps create a comfortable, upright position that can reduce reflux. Baby’s upright position helps keep stomach contents in place, reducing the risk of spitting up and reflux. In addition, carrying your baby can help reduce cramps because it stimulates bowel movement, this can aid baby’s digestion.

5. Great for premature babies

Womboo’s pouch shirt is suitable for the smallest babies. So too for premature babies. Once a premature baby, or a preemie, is discharged from the hospital, they are often still too small for a sling or baby carrier. These premature babies are already familiar with kangarooing or pouching from the hospital and this is where you can continue with the Womboo® Pouch Shirt from the first moment at home.

6. Promotes bonding with your baby

With the Womboo® pouch shirt, you carry your baby close to you, creating a feeling of security and safety. Babywearing can play an important role in promoting bonding between parent and baby. By holding your baby close to you in the pouch of the pouch shirt, you can promote feelings of safety and closeness. This can help build a strong and secure attachment between you and your baby.

When you carry your baby close to you in the pouch, more physical contact is possible, more eye contact, hugs and kisses. This will improve the bonding between you and your baby which helps build a sense of trust and security.

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It’s a shame I didn’t have the shirt with the 1st. It’s comfortable and you can easily lift the little one in. No problems at all with the straps of a baby carrier or the like.
I definitely recommend :).


What an invention! I was used to a baby carrier, but this is so much more practical!!


It was a gift for my husband who didn’t like tying the sling. Very happy with it! Very nice sturdy fabric that is super comfortable. Good service and delivery time!


What a great purchase the Womboo shirt is!
When our daughter is restless I take her in the shirt and she loves that.
And that way I have my hands free to keep doing other things!

I recommend the Womboo shirt to everyone!


Brilliant shirt, fits great and also helps improve your posture. I have my hands free to do something, ironing, playing with the other kids or cooking dinner. She is very relaxed and sleeps well in it. Even with trips it works perfectly!


Wow! I should have had this T-shirt with our first daughter. Ideal to put on. Easy to put our daughter in. No tricky things to fasten. Our daughter is premature and even she is firmly in the shirt. Am super satisfied! A big 10!


In addition to having a baby carrier, I was looking for something faster and easier for indoors. I came across Womboo and was a bit skeptical. But really! So nice! Especially with a girl who likes to be glued to mothers, suffers from reflux and falls asleep so wonderfully. Recommended!