Exchanges or returns

Terms & Conditions

You may wish to exchange or return a product. When doing so, please observe the conditions below!
You can return a product if you register a return within 14 days of purchase where we must receive the product within 30 days of the purchase date. If you are later than 30 days, do not send the package as we will not process it.
Exchanges can be made up to 6 months from the date of purchase.
Condition product
1. Product must be unworn (fitting is allowed of course)
2. It must not have been washed! If this is the case then you cannot return your product! If you do then we are forced to resend it to you.
3. Product must be clean, i.e. no hair, stains and other contamination. If this is the case we will charge a €5 dry cleaning fee for this.
4. Passes are allowed, of course (including baby). Actually wearing and then returning it where the shirt smells of perspiration or perfume is not allowed. If this is the case we will charge a €5 dry cleaning fee for this.
5. Return the product in the undamaged original Womboo packaging. If the packaging is missing or damaged we will charge €0.99 for this.
6. Preferably use the original shipping box, it’s nice and easy 🙂
7. You will receive a confirmation in your email, please add the email to the package containing all the information we need. If this info is missing then unfortunately we cannot process the package.
Note! The email may end up in spam/unwanted.
8. Send the (letterbox) package postage paid (not cash on delivery) to the return address below.
Bovenas 52
2751 HG Moerkapelle
9. Return shipping costs are the customer’s responsibility. You are responsible for shipping to Womboo. We are never responsible for not receiving your return
*So keep the track and trace code as proof