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Womboo® pouch shirt is essential for parents with a newborn baby. You put Womboo® on like a regular T-shirt without any complicated buttons or snap system. This makes it simple, fast and comfortable to use. So it’s not for nothing that we have now made more than 10,000 parents and babies happy with a Womboo® pouch shirt.

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Womboo’s pouch shirt is the easiest and most comfortable way to ergonomically carry your newborn baby with you from day 1 to 9 pounds. You carry your baby close to you with the Womboo® Pouch Shirt. When your baby is in the pouch, it experiences the same feeling as in the womb. The pouch provides recognizable and familiar soothing pressure and boundaries, this creates peace of mind for you and your baby. You put on the pouch shirt like a T-shirt without complicated buttons or snap systems, making it an ideal wear shirt. You experience while carrying both, with and without baby an ideal weight distribution and no pressure points on shoulders and hip. Because your baby sits upright in the pouch, your baby has much less trouble with spitting up (reflux) and cramps. With the Womboo® Pouch Shirt, you can easily travel, walk through customs and sit comfortably in the airplane seat without buttons on buckles in your back. The pouch shirt can be machine washed at 40 degrees without using fabric softener.

General Specifications

  • Safe & certified
  • Ergonomic & responsible
  • Ventilating pouch
  • Available in three different colors: green, black, beige
  • Built-in power supply plug
  • Neck/head support flap
  • Ready to use from birth to 9 pounds
  • Machine wash to max 40 degrees, WITHOUT fabric softener
  • Wash with equal colors and preferably in a laundry bag
  • Do not tumble dry

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Size determination

We have an updated fit so please keep the size chart below and of course always use a bit of your own judgment. It is difficult to get the size chart completely right because, of course, every body is different.
Due to the technical fabric, the shirt falls tighter around you than you are used to. The shirt should be comfortable but tight so your baby will not sink down:)

Still have questions about the fit? If so, send us a message, we’d love to check it out with you!

Circumference in cm Chest Waist Hip
S 86-90 cm 76-80 cm 92-96 cm
M 90-94 cm 80-84 cm 96-100 cm
L 94-98 cm 84-88 cm 100-104 cm
XL 98-102 cm 88-92 cm 104-108 cm
XXL 102-106 cm 92-96 cm 108-112 cm


Use the Womboo Pouch Shirt safely by observing the points below.

See more instructions

It’s a shame I didn’t have the shirt with the 1st. It’s comfortable and you can easily lift the little one in. No problems at all with the straps of a baby carrier or the like.
I definitely recommend :).


What an invention! I was used to a baby carrier, but this is so much more practical!!


It was a gift for my husband who didn’t like tying the sling. Very happy with it! Very nice sturdy fabric that is super comfortable. Good service and delivery time!


What a great purchase the Womboo shirt is!
When our daughter is restless I take her in the shirt and she loves that.
And that way I have my hands free to keep doing other things!

I recommend the Womboo shirt to everyone!


Brilliant shirt, fits great and also helps improve your posture. I have my hands free to do something, ironing, playing with the other kids or cooking dinner. She is very relaxed and sleeps well in it. Even with trips it works perfectly!


Wow! I should have had this T-shirt with our first daughter. Ideal to put on. Easy to put our daughter in. No tricky things to fasten. Our daughter is premature and even she is firmly in the shirt. Am super satisfied! A big 10!


In addition to having a baby carrier, I was looking for something faster and easier for indoors. I came across Womboo and was a bit skeptical. But really! So nice! Especially with a girl who likes to be glued to mothers, suffers from reflux and falls asleep so wonderfully. Recommended!



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