Womboo® Pouch bath towel

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The lifesaver in the bathroom! Never fuss with drying your baby or older child again.

  • You stay dry yourself
  • Large, convenient pouch
  • No more fear of your baby slipping out of your hands
  • Multifunctional: at home, pool, beach, consulting office, etc.
  • 100 x 120 cm
  • Age 0-4+ (pouch can be used until about 2 years of age)
  • 100% Bamboo so extra soft
  • 60% higher moisture absorption than cotton
  • 4 colors
  • One size fits all
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The Pouch Bathcape by Womboo is the most simple and convenient way to safely lift your baby out of the bath and dry him off after each bath session. Because you wear the bath cape around your neck, you always have your hands free and stay completely dry yourself when you lift your baby out of the bath. The convenient pouch in the bath towel means you never have to worry about your baby slipping out of your hands. The Womboo® Pouch Bathcape is also incredibly handy at baby swimming, the consultation center or at the beach. The Womboo® Pouch Bathcape is made of 100% bamboo and therefore extra soft, hypoallergenic and extra absorbent because a bamboo fiber absorbs three times more moisture than cotton. The Womboo® Pouch Bathcape is the ideal maternity gift for any parent and available in four different colors.

General Specifications

  • Handmade in Europe
  • 100% Bamboo
  • Stays wonderfully soft even after 100x washes!
  • Machine wash at max 60 degrees
  • Available in 4 colors: Beige, Ecru (warm white), Eucalyptus green and Cognac.
  • Shipping within 1-2 business days


How the pouch bath cape works

Super simple! Never fuss while drying your baby after the bath session. You put the Womboo Pouch Bath Cape around your neck and tie it around your waist with the strings. This way, the bath cape sits in front of you like an apron and keeps you dry while bathing your baby. You lift your little one out of the bathtub and easily lower him/her into the pouch. This way you will NEVER have the fear of your baby slipping out of your hands or being cold when they leave the nice warm bath. The special, warm pouch is made of bamboo which ensures that your little one will dry quickly and stay nice and warm.

This really is THE essential lifesaver for the bathroom

TIP: Use the Pouch Bathcape also at baby swimming, consultation, at the beach, anywhere!

It’s a shame I didn’t have the shirt with the 1st. It’s comfortable and you can easily lift the little one in. No problems at all with the straps of a baby carrier or the like.
I definitely recommend :).


What an invention! I was used to a baby carrier, but this is so much more practical!!


It was a gift for my husband who didn’t like tying the sling. Very happy with it! Very nice sturdy fabric that is super comfortable. Good service and delivery time!


What a great purchase the Womboo shirt is!
When our daughter is restless I take her in the shirt and she loves that.
And that way I have my hands free to keep doing other things!

I recommend the Womboo shirt to everyone!


Brilliant shirt, fits great and also helps improve your posture. I have my hands free to do something, ironing, playing with the other kids or cooking dinner. She is very relaxed and sleeps well in it. Even with trips it works perfectly!


Wow! I should have had this T-shirt with our first daughter. Ideal to put on. Easy to put our daughter in. No tricky things to fasten. Our daughter is premature and even she is firmly in the shirt. Am super satisfied! A big 10!


In addition to having a baby carrier, I was looking for something faster and easier for indoors. I came across Womboo and was a bit skeptical. But really! So nice! Especially with a girl who likes to be glued to mothers, suffers from reflux and falls asleep so wonderfully. Recommended!



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