Womboo® Pouch shirt, the easiest baby carrier

Womboo® stands for easy, simple and safe


The face behind Womboo®

Nice of you to take a look at the website of Womboo® and that you are curious who the face behind Womboo® is.

I am Daphne, 35 years old and mother of 2 amazing little sons whom we ourselves have worn very much in the Womboo Pouch shirt. I came up with the idea of designing and developing our pouch shirt in 2018. Quite an exciting and long journey of about 2 years. We were developing, testing, customizing and certifying for a long time. Finally there was white smoke and we were able to launch to make the first moms and babies happy. For the first few months, it was mostly probing and waiting for feedback. The product was so well received! What a huge culmination of all the hard work! We have grown rapidly in recent years and continued to develop our product, for example, there is now also a pouch shirt for dads and we have also developed and launched the mega handy Womboo Pouch Bathcape in 2022. We have been in all Babypark and Babydump stores since 2023, our big dream from when we had just started Womboo has come true!

We are still a small Dutch company where we still do everything ourselves, from packing to customer service. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Love Daphne.

The benefits of Womboo®

No click system or complicated knots

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Easy breastfeeding with feeding cap

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Fine skin-to-skin pouching with your little one

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Reduces reflux and cramps

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Very suitable for premature infants

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Womboo Pouch Shirt was developed taking into account all the important quality marks. Womboo meets the European certification standard CEN/TR16512:2015.


It’s a shame I didn’t have the shirt with the 1st. It’s comfortable and you can easily lift the little one in. No problems at all with the straps of a baby carrier or the like.
I definitely recommend :).


What an invention! I was used to a baby carrier, but this is so much more practical!!


It was a gift for my husband who didn’t like tying the sling. Very happy with it! Very nice sturdy fabric that is super comfortable. Good service and delivery time!


What a great purchase the Womboo shirt is!
When our daughter is restless I take her in the shirt and she loves that.
And that way I have my hands free to keep doing other things!

I recommend the Womboo shirt to everyone!


Brilliant shirt, fits great and also helps improve your posture. I have my hands free to do something, ironing, playing with the other kids or cooking dinner. She is very relaxed and sleeps well in it. Even with trips it works perfectly!


Wow! I should have had this T-shirt with our first daughter. Ideal to put on. Easy to put our daughter in. No tricky things to fasten. Our daughter is premature and even she is firmly in the shirt. Am super satisfied! A big 10!


In addition to having a baby carrier, I was looking for something faster and easier for indoors. I came across Womboo and was a bit skeptical. But really! So nice! Especially with a girl who likes to be glued to mothers, suffers from reflux and falls asleep so wonderfully. Recommended!



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